Butler was playing the piano.

I know them all.

You will wash dishes, won't you?

Thomas is playing with her dolls.


A bill came along with the package.

Drop by drop, the lake fills.

The police eventually arrested Theo.

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Keep an open mind.


Israel and Leora have been drinking.

Australia was an exception.

Active volcanoes are volcanoes that have had recent eruptions or are expected to have eruptions in the near future.


Milner is on his feet.

He prefers not to talk about it.

Benson might have something to do with that.

We'll give you as many bonus miles as the normal air miles!

In West Virginia, over 90% of the electricity is generated from coal. But in California, only 1% of electricity is generated from this fossil fuel.

The old park has become one of the most sought after places in the city.

I'm sure you'll be good at it.

It was very cold.

They say that garlic repels mosquitoes.

What time do you leave home in the morning?

I like playing tennis and golf.

Amedeo is still living in Boston, isn't he?

I am getting on well.

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If I were with you, every day would be summer.


We could learn together.

May I ask them a few questions?

We should not have done that. It was wrong.


They talked about various subjects.

The rain had a good effect on the farm crops.

Can you honestly imagine that happening?

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Water freezes at zero degrees Celsius.

Naomi left it.

Vincenzo took a picture of the cows.

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In Japan it's generally thought that Germany's water supply isn't suitable for drinking, but this is a mistake.

I feel a sense of duty.

What was his motive for doing it?

Keep clear.

Lievaart refused to lend me any money.

Rolf was clearly interested in Rand. He was not the only one.

Bob and Rand play the recorder.


Many admire him.


Roman loves architecture.

Spudboy is quite a bit taller than Ozan.

I wish I knew for certain what it was.

Wolf didn't seem to be particularly interested in what was going on.

This textbook is designed for beginners.

Were I you, I would follow his advice.

The police say they know you had an accomplice.


Would it bother you if your boyfriend had pubic hair?

I want to visit Fiji.

I just need to be alone.

What part of "no" don't you understand?

Weather permitting, we will leave in an hour.

I'll have him call you back.

Revised and Trent were friends.

Fifteen milliard euros must be saved over the course of the next four years.

Some people are nice, and some are mean.

I've already tested them.

We should have told him the truth.

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They're two very different things.

Frederic is obnoxious, isn't he?

Stop playing pranks on me!

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Are you naturally blonde?

Hans used to dream of playing professional baseball.

I am a realistic person.

I'll come and see you later.

I didn't understand the meaning.

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They're looking for him.

Do you eat rice every day?

He also needs many workers.

Sidney really helped me.

I'll have to make do with the old car for a while.


If a tiger should come out of the cage, what would you do?


What are you pointing at?

I'm studying French.

I walked up to the villager to ask for directions, but they looked spaced and unable to speak.

What's wrong with painting the ceiling blue?

Are you looking for someone?

It wasn't as simple to do as we thought it was going to be.

I like watermelon.

Had you ever seen that guy before?

I'll take care of the matter personally.

I feel like such a fool.

She is traveling around the world.

I'm going to need your help if I'm going to finish this on time.

It can make some people, especially elderly people and infants, very ill.


There's not even one orange on the table.

Will you be the only person present?

Autumn changed into winter.

Hi, could you move? We're about to have a meeting here.

How deep this lake is!


It won't take long.

That singer is popular with girls.

I remember the first time I ever saw Donnie.


We haven't heard from them.

Don't cross your arms. It makes you seem defensive.

As the sun rose, the fog disappeared.

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He called me a stupid boy.

Marc's office said he was indisposed.

Presley couldn't be contacted.

study first before doing anything!!!

That'd make sense.

Brad is as tall as Lawrence is.

Ricardo still plays golf, doesn't he?

"Remember me?" "No." "Well, well. I'm surprised you don't recognise me!" "Are we supposed to?"

Mongo and Greg are always careful.


You can leave at any time.

Wilmer bought a Roomba.

Kathy's parents were asleep when he got home.

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Is it still up in the attic?

Our school begins at eight-thirty.

You must stop helping Beverly.

Someone came in his classroom and flashed a picture and he wasn't very happy about that.

Irvin is very upset by what Jennie told him.

Dan was immediately smitten with Linda.

What makes you think Norm isn't a native speaker?

The fewer who know, the better.

Have you ever been bitten by your dog?


Perry pushed all the pillows off the bed.


I admire your optimism.

I'm so lonely.

It's nearly closing time.


I wish I knew how this worked.

She walked slowly so she wouldn't slip.

Glen will be busy until 2:30.

Why did you turn it upside down?

I never wanted it to come to this.


You'll probably be the first one to show up.

We think it's time to smile more often.

I hope I'm not boring you.


I was with friends all last night.

Kelly makes three hundred dollars an hour.

I think we should follow him.


Timothy must decide what to do right away.

It was the best chocolate mousse my guests and me had eaten in a long time.

We're waiting for Samir.

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Amarth asked us several questions.

He was sent by his company to Kazakhstan.

He wants to go to the sea.

Not only was he a doctor, he was also a very famous novelist.

We've received a lot of applications in answer to our advertisements.

I'm certain he's coming.

I'm sleeping.


He arrived late as usual.


I would maintain with my last breath that he is innocent.

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Kelvin and Stanly had a shotgun wedding.

The USA and Cuba are set to mend their relationship after half a century of hostilities.

There's only one way out.


The people revolted against the tyranny.

At that time, she was bathing in the sun.

Bryan works for a Japanese company.


We were surprised when we saw him in the office this morning.

The team will be ready.

Their job is to confuse learners of the language.

Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me.

I don't even want to think about what could happen.


Have I broken a law, officer?

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For all his cleverness, he is always reluctant to give his views.

The heater is warming up the room.

It goes without saying that experience is a good teacher.

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He is ashamed of his behavior.